Over 700,000 People Are Vaccinated, But Little Is Done To Reduce Road Accident In Ghana


Most Ghanaians are currently happy because the government is doing all he could to end the Covid-19 pandemic or curb the spread of it in Ghana.

The invasion of this deadly virus caused a lot of panic and it is still causing that same panic but currently almost everything shows that it is under control and can be as a result of the Covid-19 vaccinations taking place in Ghana.

Currently, about 742,349 people have been vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccines in Ghana. This is a very good sign of progress because we all can say that the number of deaths and infection daily have reduced.

This shows that we might be a bit safe from the virus but can we also say the same thing in the fight against road accident and its fatalities? No we can't, because the rate at which people are killed on our roads every day is very disheartening.

Data gained from both the Ghana Police Service and that of the Ghana Health Service clearly reveal that between January and March of 2021, 771 people have lost their lives to road accident whiles 763 people have lost their lives to Coronavirus since it invaded in Ghana.

This article is not meant to downplay any Political Party's credentials but to let the world and Ghanaians to know that we or all of us together with the government is doing little or have done nothing to reduce road accident in Ghana.

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