Akuapim Poloo gets Ghana confused with unusual remarks after court charges


Popular actress Akuapim Poloo, born Rosemond Brown has shocked Ghanaians following her reaction after an Accra circuit court convicted her of three charges.

The outspoken screen goddess, after she was ordered to undergo a compulsory pregnancy test before sentencing, has said that she "has been humbled".

This development comes after Rosemond Brown finally pleaded guilty of sharing obscene materials on social media on June 30, 2020.

The circuit court has postponed Akuapim Poloo’s sentencing to April 16, 2021, to allow her enough time to present results of her pregnancy test.

Rosemond Brown after receiving this bad news has admitted that she has been humbled by the experience.

Events leading to her charges stem from the actress publishing nude photos of herself and underaged son on social media during his birthday, last year June.

The post caused a public uproar, leading to serious dialogue on child rights, indecency among other issues.

Though Rosemond Brown has finally resolved that she was wrong, waiting to be sentenced on Friday brings into focus the fact that she has an expensive price to pay for being negligent.

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