Tesla Talanta Mtaani Star's New Single Dubbed Best Is Literally A Banger

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Talanta Mtaani season one winner and judge is now a fully signed member of Black Market Records Africa and she settles right in presenting as her newest single titled best. She is taking the crown on this one and fixing it right. Tesla is determined, humble and above all has a euphonious voice.I mean how else could she have grabbed the trophy on Talanta Mtaani Show?

Best is her newest single that depicts the literal prime. She comes out triumphant in the way she expresses her self using her God given voice. Tesla sings from the heart and manages to draw all of us in.

Join us in making her known for her effortless talents and check out her recent YouTube channel that keeps growing tremendously fast. Also check out Black Market Records Africa for more updates.

Her other great songs include Ilete where she features Halisi, itakuwa Sawa featuring Mtaani All Stars and Zuzu.

Tesla did extremely well in the Talanta Mtaani show gaining recognition from the Kenyan fan base. She is on a quest to expand her music to even bigger heights as she signed a deal with the record label to help nurture her talent and expand her wings.

She is collaboration with our own musicians and those far beyond on projects that are yet to be known publicly. We will not discuss this now.

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