Manyora Paints New IEBC Commissioners Negatively On Citizen TV Inviting A Row Of Him And Ogolla

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Alas! The commission came to full capacity as it is supposed to be. Fully constituted and meeting the necessary quorum, the new members together with the old three, undertook orientation in Mombasa and were positively welcomed by team leader and chair, Wafula Chebukati.

However, as Kenya gets full commission to rightful capacity, criticism over IEBC continues day by day and has fuelled much pressure to a point calling for national conversation, you noticed there was a time the ODM camp was calling for the removal of these other 'three' citing evidence of incompetency at work, and much is still discussed until this moment.

Steve Ogolla, the advocate, said that the problem is not the commissioners, rather, the process, the instruments used, the hardware and software components which may bring issues during the period of voting.

On the main man of the show concerning the election body, Manyora, negatively described the new entrants constituting full composition.

He said, "I really don't know them, the way they are speaking does not inspire confidence, they lack capacity, I mean, look at the process of carrying out interviews for selection of these new lot, the questions, how they carried themselves clearly tell that jobs have owners, that in Kenya you can't get these opportunities not unless you are pushed by someone close, the thing is we are not seeing that picture clearly, we have more competent people, for instance the position of chief justice, my good and very qualified friends didn't even get the chance of shortlisting, something needs to be done."

He has indeed expressed his lack of enthusiasm, confidentiality and commitability of these new slot in the independent body, and instead has offered another way through, that we should return back to the '90s' during the IPPG days, where political parties have a say on the composition of commissioners of election body.

On the other hand, advocate Ogolla strongly and firmly was of the different view. He told the professor the following, "People like you Herman, who get the chance to present yourself before the nation, should speak things that actually advocates for unity, trust, and confidence, but if you paint these new people negatively even when they have not started yet, what does that mean to the common 'mwanachi?'

Do you subscribe to Manyora's views.

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