The Search For Carol Kangogo Ignites Fear Among The Police Who Are Under Pressure To Find Her


As the puzzle on Carol Kangongo current location continues to be unsolved, those tasked with the responsibility of finding her are a worried lot. This is after fresh details say they are under pressure to locate her despite not knowing where her current location is.

An extract from Today's Standard Newspaper

According to the Standard Newspaper, there is pressure from the authorities to ensure that she is found and brought to book. One of the officers who sourced anonymity claims that their colleagues are now leaving in fear because they do not know what next for them.

The story of Kangong has left the forces scratching their heads on how single police can go for days without being nabbed and yet she continues to make phone calls to her targets. Efforts to try and tack her phone calls have proven futile because of the ticks she is imposing. Do you think the Kenya Police has failed? React below.


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