How the premier league table stands after all matches were concluded over the weekend

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During the weekend , premier league clubs continued their matches in which some ended up as draws , wins and some others lost . These are the matches and their full time scores:

This matches occurred on Saturday :

Chelsea beat Norwich 7 to nill

Crystal palace drew with New Castle

Leeds Drew with Wolverhampton Wanderers after scoring an additional time penalty

Watford beat Everton 5 goals to 2

Southampton drew with Burnley

And Mancity beat Brighton 4 goals to one .

The matches for Sunday are as follows:

Manchester United lost to Liverpool 5 to nil

Leicester beat Brentford 2 goals to one

West Ham beat Tottenham 1 to nil.

Following this matches , this is how the premier league table looks now :

At the top of the table is Chelsea leading with 22 points , followed closely by Liverpool , who have 21 points and bottom of the table is Norwich with

2 points . It was really a crazy weekend.

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