Ministry of Health Fries Graduate Nurses

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After completion of the 4-year BSc. Nursing (BSN) degree program, graduate nurses proceed to an internship as a pre-requisite for registration with the Nursing Council of Kenya. Indeed, the Revised Scheme of Service for Nursing Personnel 2014 recognizes “nursing officer intern” as the entry and training grade for the cadre of nursing officers. 

Article 55 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 requires the government to take appropriate measures to ensure that the youth have access to “relevant education and training.” Internship, as part of the training, provides BSN graduates with the hands-on skills that improve their employability.

Over the last three months, however, there has been no clear communication from the Ministry of Health— your office as the Director of Nursing Services in particular—regarding the placement for internship BSN graduates who completed their training one (1) year ago. 

In attempts to establish the position of the ministry over the matter, the representatives of the graduate nurses, have visited the relevant offices, made calls, and written letters—to no avail. Indeed, one of the letters was deposited at the ministry offices and stamped as “received” on June 22, 2020. To-date, the ministry has maintained a loud silence over the matter, even when it is clear that it is deleterious to the training and career progression of about 1,000 nurse graduates.

One of the principles of internship, as outlined in the Internship Policy and Guidelines for Public Service 2016, is the promotion of equity and fairness. Yet, in violation of this principle, the Ministry of Health placed BSc. Clinical Officers for internship vide posting order REF: MOH/HR/1/7/1/ (202), leaving BSN graduates of the same cohort.

The nurses now want the ministry to issue the letters without any further delay.

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