The impact of Cristiano Ronaldo through football.


The Christiano Ronaldo effect. God works in mysterious ways! 6days ago, my GOAT (Greatest Of All Time), your GOAT, and our GOAT Cristiano Ronaldo became very furious and threw his Portuguese captain armband to the ground when his clear goal was inadvertently disallowed against Serbia. When Ronaldo walked off the pitch with so much anger, the matchday staff in the stadium picked up the armband, put it up for auction to generate money for the treatment of a 6-month old Serbian baby who is suffering from spinal muscular atrophy.  

The baby needs 2.5 million Euros for his medication and surgery. 

Guess what? As at right now over 7 million Euros has already been generated for the 6months old baby. Just a captain armband. 

Honestly, I've actively followed sports for over one and half decades and I can tell you on authority that Ronaldo scored an impeccable goal but was disallowed because God knew that a life of a 6month baby depends on that decision by the referee. God indeed works in so many ways.