Bodaboda Thief Burnt Down In Mlolongo


According to the current reports irate mob is said to have attacked and lynched the suspected thief at Katani shopping centre in Mlolongo, Machakos County on Thursday.

The man was caught up with at 8.30pm where he had attempted to steal a motorbike in the area as mob bounced on him setting his body ablaze.

According to Assistant county commissioner Dennis revealed that the deceased is part of a gang suspected to be behind the killing and motorbike theft in Machakos County.

As the residents of where really irritated with the thief not even giving him a chance to leave but quickly burnt his body.

This should be a lesson to most of the youths in Kenya who find themselves in such criminal acts as they should quickly change there minds before they are caught.

Anyway what are you personal views about this?

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