Here's The School That Was Made Of Trash


In Cambodia, there is a school built on trash. The trash is also used as money. This place is probably the only place that trash is so valuable more than money.

The founder of this school is Ouk Vanday. Who was just a hotel mamager. His idea of building the school out of trash came when he saw trash in a very popular hotspot for tourists in the mountains.

Instead of enjoying nature, the beauty of the mountains, trees and lakes. He was greeted by trash. Young kids vending in the streets.

Then, he came with an idea to build a school out of trash. Although his idea seemed impossible even for himself because mountains dient have electricity and no water.

There were lots of snake too. But Ouk was so passionate about his idea. He dropped everything and moved to the mountains. Then he started collecting trash.

He usee plastic bottles as walls, painted old cae tyres as chairs. He also involved local kids to also help with picking trash. 4 years later the school was finished.

He called the school Coconut School. What wonderful is that the pupil in this school don't pay a cent for attending in this school. They only pay with trash.

With all the trash, he has accumulated he built more tables, more classrooms and coffee shop. The coffee shop is a sort of way to get funding that would help improve school.

This idea has helped young kids access free education. And a clean environment.