"What's The Geographical Location Of Hell?" - Bishop Wale Oke Answers A Professor


The new PFN Chairman and the President and Founder of The Sword of The Spirit Ministries International, Bishop Francis Wale Oke recounts his encounter with a Professor as the University of Lagos, who asked him "What's the geographical location of hell?"

Here is everything Bishop Wale Oke said in the video:

"A professor in my university gave me a ride, this was 1977 when I was in University of Lagos. I was going to the main campus where my lecture were taking place from the college of education. If you are familiar with the university of Lagos. So, I waved him him down and he opened the door and I entered. He was the only one driving, as soon as he began to move, I began to share the Gospel with him. I gave him a tract, I always carry a tract, he collected it grudgingly and then, after I spoke for about three minutes he said, "Wait, are you a student?" I said yes. He said that's fine. I didn't know he was professor. He said, "What is the shape of the earth?" I said the shape of the earth is elliptical. That week, that was what we were taught in my survey class and I gave him the formulae. He said, "Hold on, when you talk about heaven, your heaven, you point up and you told me the earth was round?" I said, sure sir and he said, "On the other side of the globe, when they are all pointing upward, it's on the opposite direction to your part."

I exclaimed I knew I was in trouble, he said, "Tell me, if heaven is up there, what is the geographical direction of hell?" I was praying, Lord help me and I said, excuse me sir, God forbid it will not happen to you, if you die without Christ the next minute you will not know just know the geographical direction of hell, you will know the exact location of hell, because hell is at the end of life without Christ. The man parked the car and said, "Get out of my car." I got to know later that he's a child of a prominent baptist pastor. He went to America and studied in the university of Alabama and he went to Church with great enthusiasms. When he got to Church they didn't allow him to mix with the white. They segregated him to the back and he got out of Church and vowed never to have anything to do with Church.

He said the Church that his father served all his life, now they won't let him mix then the renounced Christianity and became an atheist. I didn't know when I was preaching to him, that at the end of his life without Christ is the exact location of hell. Later on, two years ago he died but he didn't die as an unbeliever. I was preaching for Pastor Enoch Adeboye at Redemption Camp. He saw me on the giant screen and he found a way to locate me. He said, "Bishop can you recognise me?" I said, I know you very well. He recounted the experience of 1977, he said what I said troubled him every single day that hell is at the end of a life without Christ, until he gave his life to Christ. He said, he's now an assistant pastor in Redeemed Christian Church of God and I hugged him. 

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