Excellence: MMUST Ahead Of Other Universities on Calendar Coverage Despite COVID 19 Disruption


MMUST, the University of choice seems to be ahead of many other Kenyan Universities on academic calendar/ curriculum coverage despite suspension of face to face learning occasioned by COVID-19 pandemic.

Comrades from other senior public and private Universities have not progressed ahead to 2nd, 3rd nor 4th year. Their online learning programs put in place by these universities failed to work nevertheless, the president suspended learning for the second time shortly after they reopened.

Photo: MMUST Science Laboratory Block

But students in Masinde Muliro University are a year ahead, the University's Online and Distance learning did bear fruits for certain schools forcing the school to reopen last year in November for a crushing program that ran for 6 weeks. Students went for for lessons running for 3 hours each daily for 6 weeks clearing the semester in the shortest time possible.

In November when the school reopened, Students first sat for examinations for the previous 2019/2020 semester (2) before they began the crushing program for semester of the 2020/2021 academic year.

They covered the entire semester in part of November and December with exams being administered early January this year ( first semester 2020/2021 academic year exams). Students commenced semester 2 studies late January. The students were only remaining with two weeks to end semester 2 2020/2021 when president Kenyatta suspended learning for the second time.

The school finalized the remaining part of the semester via ODEL ( Online and Distance Learning). The school administration under Registrar Academic Affairs, Prof Sakwa has already communicated to students that semester 2 2020/2021 exams will be administered to those in 1st and 2nd years immediately the goverment eases movement restrictions.

Industrial attachments for those in third and forth years is scheduled to begin on 3rd May 2020. Students are having trouble getting attachment places because most Organizations are laying off their workforce. Those who fail to get attachment opportunities will repeat the process next year. Third and Forth Years will resume in August to sit for sem 2 202/2021 exams before moving to the following year of study ( 3rd years), Fourth Years will await graduation in Dec or early January 2022.

Another virtual graduation ceremony is scheduled next week for those who missed the March graduation. The graduation list will be released next week on Tuesday.

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