Sad as Kelechi Africana's YouTube Account Sad as Kelechi Africana's YouTube Account Gets Hacked by unknown people

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Kelechi Africana,who hails from Digo a coastal region of kenya was in shock after realizing his YouTube Account was hacked.

Musician,celebrity and YouTube sensation Kelechi Africana was on December 14 woken to a rude shock after finding out that his YouTube account was hacked.The 'Ring' hitmaker was moreso surprised by this action as some of his songs such as Ring had over 2 million views.

Kelechi Africana's YouTube account @KelechiAfricana had over 99.5k subscribers at the time it was hacked.

In addition to that,the account's name was changed from @Kelechi Africana to @Ripple Foundation.

On trying to recover his account,the Love Me hitmaker was denied access to his account on grounds that his details didn't match those of the account.

Kelechi Africana, who is commonly confused to be of Tanzanian origin has been able to achieve much and performed in many places,has been able to have signed collabos with major artists such as Nyota Ndogo,Mr Blue,Maua Sema and Arrow Bwoy just to name few.

Yet there's still someone or even some people who felt unjustified for his success.

Even so some of his are angry not only for not been able to access his music but also angry at Kelechi himself for this occurrence.

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