KTN Forced to Delete Controversial Photo of Top Anchors in Office

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Two KTN journalists have caused a stir online after a photo of them embracing each other surfaced online.

The photo, which was quickly deleted by the media company from its Twitter account, revealed top news anchors Ken Mijungu and his counterpart Sophia Wananu in what could be easily be interpreted as 'compromising' situation.

The image was captioned with the words from a trending song 'Jaber' by Hart the Band: "Ken Mijungu: My Jaber utakunywa nini wallet nimeleta."


This comes days after renowned CNN Journalist Larry Madowo and his friend Edith Kimani became the talk of the town after they posted loved-up photos on their social media accounts.

Edith had taken to her Instagram account to upload a cosy image where she caressed Madowo’s chin as the two gazed into each other’s eyes.

Could be Ken and Wanuna be sparking dating rumors too? Below are some of what Kenyans thought.

Journalists Edith Kimani and Larry Madowo spark dating rumours - The Standard Entertainment

"I also want to be held like this buana, nimechoka.. ama hii kitu iko kwa curriculum ya journalism?" One Kenyan tweeted.

"This media people are quite interesting… we really have to partake in their relationships. Politicians, doctors, lawyers and engineers please share your significant others as well," Wambui added.

"This is against codes of ethics of a work place," Omondi added.

"It's like Ken was awarded that HARDSHIP allowance after the 'infamous' MM interview," Jacob joked.

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