Foods Which The Quran Forbids Muslims From Eating

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Let's take a look at some of the eating restrictions that all Muslims are subject to under Islamic law. The Quran forbids Muslims from eating the following foods:

1. Pork

The Qur'an states;

“He has forbidden to you only carrion, blood, and swine flesh, and everything over which any other name than God's has been spoken; but if one is driven by necessity — neither coveting it nor exceeding his immediate need — no sin shall befall him: for, see, God is a dispenser of grace.” (2:173) Al-Baqarah

No Muslim is allowed to eat any dead meat or meat that has been used in a sacrifice.

2. Dogs

Meat from an animal that has been strangled or cruelly slaughtered

Muslims are commanded to slaughter animals quickly and mercifully while reciting God's name in this manner: "In the name of God, God is Most Great" (Quran 6:118–121). This demonstrates that life is important and that animal abuse is unacceptable.

3. Animals contaminated with dangerous toxins

Also, alcoholic beverages, worms, flies, lice, and any other dirty or unsightly insect. Also, meat that has been devoured by a wild animal.

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