Ramaphosa calling for the 4th wave by doing this? SAn’s finds out the unexpected & sparks debate

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A raging debate over social media, on the decision that was taken by President Cyril Ramaphosa and the National CoronaVirus Command Council. It was a wise move to take the country back to level 2 lockdown regulation. The president and his allies are on a mission to open the country and allow more job creation and the activity of the country. However, these decisions are confusing South Africans. The president also took into consideration the elections that are coming and the necessity to campaign. With more strict regulations, things would be harder for everyone. The political parties have already started with their campaigns and are ready to battle at the ballot box.See the source image

South Africans have noticed that it could have been a calculative move from the president. Putting the country on level 2, basically allows many activities to take place. Gyms and other facilities are open. This will ultimately put many South Africans at a high risk of being infected by this deadly disease. Anything is possible, but the campaigning goal has played a huge role in the decision taken by the president and his colleagues to put the country back to level 2. 

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 cases were declining, due to the fact that the winter season was passing. Entering spring helped the infections go down drastically, and a major factor on why the country has been put back on level 2 lockdown. Allegedly, if the country is on level 2, infections will rise when heading to the festive season. This is when South Africa is more likely to enter the 4th wave of the infection. If the 4th wave comes, South Africa will be forced to move to harsher restrictions during the festive season, since people will be out of order and jubilated by the festive season mood.


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