Read what Chelsea & Man City were told that made them join the European Super League


UK journalist and football news correspondent for the Daily Telegraph, Matt Law has taken to his official social media page to reveal why Chelsea and Manchester City agreed to join the newly formed European Super League (ESL).

Chelsea and Manchester City are among 12 clubs that are listed as the founding fathers of the ESL (a closed league with no promotion and relegation where only clubs with a large fan base are allowed to play), but it seems both clubs were forced to decide at the very last moment.

According to Matt Law, Chelsea and Manchester City are not among the clubs that pushed the idea of the European Super League. Both clubs were only informed that the breakaway league will go ahead as plan and they were giving the option of joining now or risk being left behind. In other words, their decision to join was made under pressure from the other 10 clubs.

Even though they are not the main drivers of the plan, Matt Law is more disappointed in the two clubs because of how they became big clubs by spending huge sum of money and now they want to deny other smaller clubs the same opportunity.

I don't think anyone will blame Chelsea and Manchester City for giving in to pressure from the other big clubs. They want more finance for their clubs and wouldn't want to be left behind by their rivals.

Football authorities and the club involves will probably come to the negotiation table and find a working agreement for everyone in the end.


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