Everyone is claiming an Audi (view to claim also)

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South African tweets are always something to wake up to everyday to brighten your day. Earlier yesterday a guy posted a tweet with an white Audi, he continued by saying "we bought this for our maid".

Most comment were against using the word "maid" to address a house helper. They say it's better to call her a house helper/aunty or something related to that. Never the less people continued commenting with screenshots of the same car being claimed by other people as well.

The question now is whose the real owner of the trending Audi?. It also look like kwesta(artist) also posted the same car six(6) years ago as if it was his.

The guy who posted the tweet was also defending himself on the post. He kept on saying people are just jealous because his family bought their house helper an expensive car because she's been a nice person.


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