Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Is Just Pretending To Be Over You

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There are signs when your ex partner is just pretending to be over you.When your ex boyfriend is pretending to be over you,there are signs and when your ex girlfriend is pretending to be over you, there are signs.Here are signs you ex girlfriend is pretending to be over you.

1.She maintains eye contact with you.She will look at your eyes directly while you are talking to anybody.

2.She always think about you.You will find her everytime thinking about you.She will think how your relationship was when you were with her.

3.She does not make any relationship with other boys.She does not make any decision to make relationship with any other boyfriend.He still in love with you.

4.She still introduces you to her friends and family members.He will continue introducing you to her friends and family members to know you better and Know that you are the one dating her.

5.She treats you well even if your relationship ended.She still takes you as her boyfriend even if you have ended your relationship.She respects you as her boyfriend.

6.She calls you over phone and text you everyday claiming that it was by mistakes.She text you and calls you everyday but claims it was by mistake.She had confused the number.

7.She shares you images and likes them together with comments on social media.She comment, share and like every photo you post on social media.

8.She become angry when she meets you with other girls.When she meets you across with other girls, she becomes very angry with them almost causing war.

9.She still maintains friendship with your friends.She still hang out with your friends.She does not dumb them too to end to end relationship.

10.She does not take anything that belongs to her from you.She does not carry anything that belongs to her.She leaves everything back with you and she go alone.

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