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In a Facebook live video on Sunday, August 21, singer Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, better known by her stage as Makhadzi, said she and her ex-boyfriend musician Master KG are calm about their breakup.

While Makhadzi has moved on from her romance with the Jerusalema singer, her followers continue to wonder why they broke up.

When asked what occurred between her and Master KG on a Facebook live, the singer stated that they had decided to be "brother and sister" and that they are fine with it.

“What occurred between Master KG and myself is that we agreed to be siblings. We're OK. We're cool.

He’s my brother, I’m his sister, we agreed on that,” said Makhadzi.

“Are you fine? Are you okay,” she asks the fan.

Both Master KG and Makhadzi have been reaping the benefits of their hard work. While Master KG has been touring the world, Makhadzi has been building homes. The Ganama hitmaker just built her fourth home, this time for herself after building a separate home for her grandmother, mother and father.

Master KG is now on a European tour, according to his Instagram, and will be performing live in Manchester, London, and Dublin this week, as well as Vienna, Madrid, and Stockholm next week. In a recent tweet, the Shine Your Light singer expressed his homesickness.Master KG commented on Twitter, "I woke up missing home Mzansi."

The singer has moved on from Master KG and has found a new love interest, whom she characterizes as "jealous." Makhadzi, on the other hand, has been tight-lipped about her partner.

“They're just jealous, they just want to disrupt my life,” she explained. “Especially my boyfriend, he's jealous, he always wants to call me when I'm live, I don't know why,” she added.

“Whenever I'm live, he likes to interrupt,” she continued.

Despite the fact that Master KG has shown no signs of moving on, he was recently linked to actress Thuli Phongolo. They have both, however, refuted the rumors.


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