The sad story of the man who invented the car that uses water instead fuel and why he was murdered


Technology started from ancient Egypt about thousand years ago but has been more advanced since the whites learnt much about it and have used to solved our everyday problems.

Stanley Allen Meyer was born on August 24 1940 in the United States of American and was an inventor who invented the water fueled car which gained popularity in many European countries but however short lived its uniqueness.

He invented the water fueled cell cars to cut the cost and reduce the burden on drivers who found a hard time buying petrol or gasoline to fuel their cars but his invention had affected the petrol and gas industry that it became to go bankrupt laying off many of their workers which affected many families.

This magnificent invention of a car operated on the principles of fuel cells which splits water into its basic components which are hydrogen and oxygen thereby burning hydrogen in the process to produce energy to power the car’s engine.

Meyer went viral in the United States of America and was popular for his invention and appeared on a Ohio based television station.

He explained the process to many people and stated that the car only needed about 22medium sized gallons of water to be able to travel as long as los angles to New York which is about 2100 miles and 42 hours journey and will be very expensive if you’re to fuel your car with petrol.

His ideology despite making transportation cheaper affected many people in so many ways that he was hated and his life became threatened.

Stanley Meyer died in a restaurant on the 20th March 1998 after he was poisoned by two alleged investors who offered to invest in his water fueled cell company after a few years of success.

Do you think Meyer’s invention was worth it since because even though it made transportation cheaper a lot of people lost their jobs and the transportation business and fuel business which brings revenue to the country declined.

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