Watch the Amazing Love Story Of Two Mad Lovers Will Inspire Every Young Lady To Stay True To Love

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Many human beings had been of the view that proper love does now no longer exist however that doesn't live proper withinside the dictionary of the 2 mentally risky fans whose love existed for 22 true years that added forth three Children till the couple died withinside the identical year.

This is a tale that stimulated Olaide Olakiitan Oluwayemisi who took to social media to put in writing approximately them on social media to inspire folks that have given up on love particularly the ladies.

appreciate one every different or even provide beginning to a few Children and take right care of them till their death then why regular human beings love wholeheartedly without being concerned approximately reputation and money.

Because in their love which has come to be an embodiment for others to follow, three households determined to undertake the three orphaned kids and take right care of them after the fans or couples death final yr; “Samadi turned into a graduate of implemented physics from a Nigerian university, Nsukka earlier than he ran mad. Same turned into a fan of each villager for his abilities and capabilities.

Abilities and capabilities insanity couldn't seize farfar from him. His dancing steps and melodious voice can't be omitted through passersby. He sings and dances without musical units but folks that listened and watched him needed he turned into now no longer mad for the ecstasy he gave to them. His love lifestyle and marriage to Cynthia, some other mad girl withinside the village turned into the envy of many couples.

Samadi and Cynthia had lived collectively in a self-constructed self-contained beneathneath the famous bridge at Orile junction for 22 years. There have been numerous instances the villagers noticed them quarreling however no person knew how they settled their differences. Unfortunately, Samadi and Cynthia do now no longer communicate in identical language. While Samadi turned into from my village, Cynthia turned into from the Eastern part of the country.

They lived collectively for 22 years without a protracted separation. How they consented to stay a couple and had three kids is a riddle no person is but to solve. They lived beneathneath identical roof in the quote, that they'd no supply of profits apart from begging, they haven't any not unusualplace experience, lacked counselors, by no means attended marriage classes, but they lived collectively for 22 years uninterrupted.

Samadi and Cynthia have been the Romeo and Juliet in their world, an excellent suit to a fault. Mad however proud of every difference and their union. They have been visible severally kissing, hugging, caressing, and sharing romantic moments collectively withinside the village. They shared all matters in not unusualplace, they bathed collectively, performed collectively, ate collectively, entertained their visitors collectively, fought collectively, smiled collectively, etc.

Samadi and Cynthia have been the epitome of uncoordinated romantic folks. If they have been now no longer mad, they might have received the fine couple of the yr’s award.” Olakiitan earlier than finishing this candy love tale of the mad couple wrote; “If the insane can maintain a romantic relationship, the sane have to be capable of doing higher”. Unfortunately, maximum sane couples with no unusualplace experience can't live collectively as husband and spouse for 10 years without divorce or separation. Yet they have got get admission to to the great things of lifestyles.

They have true shelter, true meals, sound education, non secular help, finance, etc. The tale of this mad couple stimulated me while developing up withinside the village as a younger boy. With this, I made a covenant with my maker that I can have an enviable marriage. I advised myself after I turned 17 that “if a mad guy can do it, I can do it higher due to the fact I am at a higher advantage”.

Unfortunately, Samade died on twenty-fourth July 20… and Cynthia died too on third September of the identical yr of melancholy and loneliness. Their kids have been followed through three exceptional households whose lives have been stimulated through the romantic lifestyles of the mad couple. They have been mad collectively They lived collectively They died collectively If the mad couple can do it, I can do it higher due to the fact I can do all matters via Christ which strengtheneth me.

Philippians 4:thirteen KJV.” This is something that has to encourage each female available to be content material with anything your lover is capable of finding the money for you with indifferent to stay thankfully with him just like the tale of the 2 mad fans 

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