Imenti North Dawn Downpour


In the morning of Sunday 21st March 2021 at around three o'clock, Meru residents of Imenti North were set a back after the unexplainable downpour. Everything was well until then when things unanimously changed to the worst. No one could explain the downpour that lasted for two hours or more and the previous day had no sign of any rain whatsoever.

The temperatures have gone much beyond normal and people including students Kenya Methodist University and residents of the nearby have resolved to wearing their boots which has been so long kept under their beds.

The roads are impassable and students have resolved to walk to schools even during this examination period. According to an interview with some students of different nearby schools the have resolved to find shelter away from home during this examination period if the rains persist.

The people who were mostly affected were the students of KeMu living in Runogone has the river they pass to the other side of the school has risen to a higher level and the must resolve to use the long tarmac route to school.

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