Man Narrates How A Passenger Ran Away With The Money Collected In A Public Bus He Boarded In Lagos


A young man decided to share with everyone how someone ran away with the money collected in a public bus he boarded in Lagos with the guise that he was going to check on what was causing the traffic that delayed their journey.

According to the young man, the driver of the bus didn't have a conductor to collect money from passengers so a man volunteered to do it. No one knew the man had ulterior motives and the driver was too busy driving to pay any attention.

Their car got stuck in traffic along Ojota and the man who collected the money from the passengers decided to step down and check what's causing the traffic only to run with the money as he didn't return back to the bus.

He further said that because the last bus stop was at Maryland, the passengers beckoned on the driver to reach the bus stop and when they arrived no one could approach the driver for their balance after the driver nearly beat up a man who wanted to collect N300 balance from him.

Nigerians found his story very funny from their Reactions and some weren't surprised that such a thing Would happen in Lagos.