A Man Shares His 'Nigeria Vs Abroad' Post On Social Media


A man has headed to his twitter page to show his followers the great change he has experienced in his life within 9 years. 

Life is small and dynamic, it's on motion and can never be static. 

@Princecharming on twitter is a student of Uniben. He left Nigeria to Munich in 2012 for something best known to himself and he is now enjoying in Munich. 

He posted a tweet on his Twitter few hours ago, he pics mixed two pictures of his friend and him which was taken at two different countries. The first picture shows when they were in Nigeria before they left to look for a greener pasture. The second picture shows how delighted, confortable and joyous they are in Muinch. 

The desire for good and healthy life always trigger people to keep working hard. It's obvious that their relentless hustle has paid off. 

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