National coronavirus command council meeting

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"The threat of the fourth wave and new mutation of the #coronavirus resulting from the recently discovered variant potentially looms large in the horizon." @DDMabuza

"Already, our country is on a red alert list by some countries when it comes to international travel. We cannot afford to be complacent and drop our guard and reverse the gains we have achieved." @DDMabuza

"Our #COVID19 #vaccination programme continues to offer hope that with more people vaccinated, we will save more lives. Of course, we have to deal with the challenge of vaccination hesitancy from some quarters." @DDMabuza .

"We are gathered here today as this @SA_AIDSCOUNCIL, a multi-sectoral body, inspired by the call that our bold and combined actions must count to end the HIV and TB as public health threats by the year 2030." @DDMabuza ."As we undertake our work as @SA_AIDSCOUNCIL, we will engage every sector of society to deepen partnerships so that we achieve maximum impact on the ground. At all times, we want our provincial meetings to be coupled with outreach programmes to communities & households" @DDMabuza

It is now clear that #Covid19 will remain with us for a while, therefore it is critical to integrate our delivery systems & platforms in such a way that the fight against HIV & AIDS continues to receive our attention within the broader context of our Covid-19 response. @DDMabuza

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