Canada set to allow more essential workers


Canada set to allow more essential workers across its border

Canada's foreign affairs minister, Marc Garneau has said that Canada is considering more occupation as essential work in a bid to allow more workers to travel the Canada-US border.

Garneau told a parliamentary committee that, we are talking about a specific group that would be potentially considered to be essential workers that need to cross the border for specific reasons.

The minister also said that technicians in the integrated auto industry could be considered essential workers.

Travel restrictions impede Canada's economy

The flow of goods across the Canada-US border has slowed down due to travel restrictions.

About three-quarters of Canada's exports go to the US. Millions of dollars of goods still travel through Canada and the US every day.

Since the transportation of goods is considered essential, commercial traffic has reduced by six percent compared to the pre-pandemic period according to traveler statistics from the Canadian border.

Garneau said the situation is gradually changing and we are very sensitive to the need to recover our economies.

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It is currently unknown when the Canada-US border will officially re-open, however, the most important factor to consider before reopening the border is the health and safety of Canadians.


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