Declare This Powerful Prayer This Midnight To Overcome Evil Spirit Of Stagnancy


I gave orders to purify the rooms, and then I put back into them the equipment of the house of God, with the grain offerings and the incense. Nehemiah 13:9, NIV

Making a room tidy is always a difficult task when such a room has not been used for some time. It requires thinking about the volume of dirt, the stress of taking out unwanted items and bringing in new items. However, it is a worthwhile effort that can take all day.

Nehemiah returned from Babylon to meet the Temple in a wrong state. Eliashib gave one of the Temple rooms to Tobiah, an Ammonite and enemy of the Jews who opposed the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. A room that was meant to accommodate sacred things (offerings, tithes of grain, temple articles, etc.) became 'host' to Tobiah's household goods (vs. 8). Hence, there was a need to restore the sacredness of the Temple, making it free from pollution. Nehemiah ordered the clearing of the room, purified it and returned the holy things to the Temple.

Your body is the Temple of God, and as such, it should be cleared of any foreign things, which would not make the Temple fulfil its purpose of accommodating God. Identify every debris of sin, such as lies, cheating, pornography, etc. that occupy the space that God would have occupied and clear them out by repenting of them then fill your heart with godly virtues.

Your body is the Temple of God. Clear it of debris.

Prayer: - Lord, help me to identify all wrong things that I have allowed in my life.