Ever Wondered Why Birds Sit On Electric Wires Yet They Don't Get Electrocuted? This Is Why


It is so amazing how God created things in this world. Everything was made to adapt to its environment and it is so amazing how nature balances itself.

Imagin the way birds fly everywhere and just land on anything. What would happen if the highest voltage electric wires could have the ability to electrocute these birds? We wouldn't be having any birds in the world. It seems that the creator new how to balance that and provide safety for the birds.

So have you ever asked yourself why this birds just land on electric wires evertime they want yet nothing happens to them yet when a human beings do the same thing, the worst happens.

In today's article that is what I will be trying to explain. So what happens, why does it happen that way?

One thing you have to understand with electricity is that it always looks for an opportunity to get to the ground to complete the circuit. So any medium that comes and connects the wire to the ground will definitely be the medium for the current to flow through.

Birds in this case, are not touching the ground when they are in the electric wires, so the electricity will just stay in the power line and not flow through the bird and thus the birds cannot be electrocuted in any way.

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