Klopp Reveals a Club That is Difficult to Compete with In The Premier League


Premier League is one of the best football leagues in the world which is well known for high intensity and many outsiders managers find it difficult to shine in. Every game in the premier league needs you to use power and are unpredictable as you can't tell who is going to win.

Liverpool manager has revealed a club that is so difficult to compete within this league where he has some experience after a good time at Liverpool. According to Football London, competing with Manchester City is extremely hard as they know to play pressurised football as per Klopp.

The manager added that Manchester City can win back to back games more than other team's which make them tough opponents compared to other clubs. Klopp admits it is so heavy at your back when Manchester City follows you with one point behind you on the table.

Klopp's view arrives at a time when Manchester City under Pep Guardiola are in a good position to win this season premier league title and as things are no one is going to stop them as they are well situated in the first position with a big point gap between them.

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