I love my baby girl too much- Davido says as he hangs out with Imade.

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Popular Nigerian singer Davido Adeleke recently shared a video of him and his lovely daughter Imade spending time together.

The singer requested a kiss from her daughter who is engrossed with a Tv show. She hastily honoured her daddy's request but when he requested another kiss she ignored him and glued herself to the Tv show.

The life of a celebrity is always a busy one as most celebrities failed to spend much time with their children or give them much attention. Those times spent with kids are memorable as it makes the parents to child bond grow. It also helps the kids to grow a strong relationship with their parents. Despite all the busy times, Davido always fulfils his fatherly role by spending quality time with all his children to the admiration of his fans.

His love for his first daughter Imade Adeleke Is evident in the way he flaunts her on social media. He is always proud to show her off. He showers her with many expensive gifts. It was revealed that the singer gave Imade a brand new 2018 Range Rover Evoque which is worth 29 million. He also surprised his princess with a pink Dior saddlebag on her birthday.

Check out the picture below.

Imade Adeleke is the first daughter and child Davido had with Sophia Momodu. Imade at a very young age, won the admiration of people as many were amazed at her level of intelligence. Eva baby soap announced her as their brand ambassador. At a very tender age, she has started bagging ambassadorial deals.

David sharing the video online stressed how much he loves her daughter Imade and added that he would not take it lightly with anyone who tries to move funny around his girl.

Below is a screenshot of the video.

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