10 Common Mistakes That Damages And Shortens Your Car's Life.


10 Common Mistakes That Damages And Shortens Your Car's Life. 

Saturday, 1st May 2021, Nairobi Kenya.

There are some things that you can always do and they can even shorten your car's life and even damage your car but most people always do these mistakes unknowingly.

Below are the 10 mistakes that are common.

1) Use of cheap fuel in your car.

Using cheap fuel in your car can have very much great effect in your engine as it will reduce your cars performance and even the millage will reduce.

You should always make sure that you use only top rated fuel in your car.

2) Use of inappropriate car spare parts.

Inappropriate spare parts can damage your car and even shorten it's life.

3) Aligning the car tires in a wrong way too damages the car and reduces its performance. This results into imbalanced car tires and can even caused road accidents.

4) Not following the required schedule of service and doing repairs.

This too causes the shortening of the cars life and it damages it too and this can cause you lots of money if your fail to follow the required service intervals and do repairs.

5) When driving a manual car, it's recommend that you always avoid resting your hand's on the gear shifter when driving and not changing gears as this can cause problems of the transmission.

6) Failing to change the engine oil as required can also cause your car engine to get damaged and this even reduces its efficiency and therefore it's highly recommend that you change them accordingly.

7) Driving carelessly at a high speed on the potholes can also cause damage and reduce the life of your car and it's therefore advisable to always take caution when driving on potholed roads.

8) Not driving your car frequently.

Resting your car most of the time spoils it as it destroy's the battery, the tires, and even the engine amongst other car part's.

9) Keeping your car dirty and not washing it can also cause it to get damaged and it also reduces its life cycle.

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