Lynne Finally Confirms Relationship With Eric Omondi As They Are Spotted Getting Cozy On A Date

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For sometime now, many have been wondering whether celebrated Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi is currently in a romantic relationship with a lady by the moniker Lynne.

Photo: Eric Omondi

Photo: Lynne

This is because the funny man has been promoting different big brands together with commercial model, and sometimes they even openly get cozy while at it as shown by the photos below.

However the big question has seemingly finally been answered, after the beauty queen recently took to her Instagram account to flaunt how they had recently gone out for a movie date together.

According to the photos the duo were at Anga Sky Cinema, and they even openly got cozy by sweetly holding hands as shown below.

Even though Lynne kept his face away from the camera, what was clear about the post however is that she accompanied it with a love emoji and a red rose flower emoji.

In another post, the voluptuous queen also hinted that she was staying together with Eric Omondi at an apartment, because she flaunted a photo of his black Range Rover that was parked at the outside.

She further confirmed that it was her lover's car by talking about how dirty it was via a caption as shown below.

Here are previous photos of Eric Omondi's black Range Rover

Even though Eric Omondi is yet to confirm their romantic relationship, what is clear is that Lynne who is also a content creator is very ravishing and here are more of her photos.

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