Kenyans Defend Traffic Police Officer Pictured Unaware 'Shaking Hands' With A Tout (Photos)

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Kenyans on social media have come to the defense of a traffic police officer who was spotted stopping a PSV vehicle.

The female officer who might be on her way home for suspected bribery was pictured unaware by The Standard photographer.

Photos of the incident which happened at Migori-Isabenia road were shared online and the reactions were unexpected.

Instead of calling for more investigations on why the officer stopped the matatu, Kenyans quickly alleged that she was doing the normal of collecting a “fee”.

They also stated that they were not surprised because they are used to seeing that happening when they are travelling on public service vehicles.

A Standard Digital follower wrote, “In Kisumu, the police are always picking the money (Ksh 100) openly without fear. This is the reason every teenager wants to be a policeman.”

She could be relieved off duties and charged for breaking the law if she collected a bribe from the tout.

For Kenyans, not being paid well pushes the hardworking officers to stoop too low.

Another Facebook user commented that what she did was common and The Standard should link with him if it needs more photos.

Was she collecting some money or shaking hands with the touts for greetings? Share your comment.

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