"Everybody said I was barren, but God has given me triplets at age 55", wife narrates her story


Triplets have been born to a 55-year-old Nigerian mother. People in the Otuokpoti community in Bayelsa State's Ogbia Local Government Area were overjoyed by the incident. Apparently, she has been tagged as been barren for a very long time in her community.

After many years of marriage without a child, Mrs Tegbe Awusaziba had the babies via Cesarean section. When word of Mrs. Awusaziba's delivery reached the city, everybody came out to celebrate. Both the babies and their mother are in good health, according to reports.

Mrs Awusaziba told journalists that she didn't believe the pregnancy was real at first because of her age, but thanked God for the blessing. 

Meanwhile, Preye Sinclair Emmanuel, the Personal Assistant to the SA to Bayelsa State Governor on New Media, posted pictures from the Otukpoti community celebration on April 17. Is this not wonderful? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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