South Africa is still in the dark about this, see here

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On the 20th October 2021, media houses ran in numbers to write about the four boys who were kidnapped on their way to school.

When the story broke, the country was praying for their return, which happened.

However, days after the arrival of the boys, the story about their kidnapping began to show holes and people started to ask questions and fill in the dots.

In the new reports, it's said that, the Moti family of the four boys have relocated to Dubai permanently, after allegedly getting threats.

" Just wait until the full story of the Moti comes out. There's heaps more that meets the eye", one commented

" Ordinary South African kids go missing everyday, I have never seen a Politician posting for awareness, but hours after the Moti kidnapping, high profiles in South Africa are already posting for awareness. Animal farm", one said

Could this mean, all this was staged to turn the eyes of the media away from something serious that was about to happen?

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