Ga-South Municipal Assembly Exhibition Centres Allegedly Recording Low Participation?

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ELECTORAL COMMISSION (EC) of the republic of Ghana under the Ga-South Municipal Assembly is said to have allegedly 'frustrating' voters from going through a smooth exhibition process.

The polling station under the Ashalaja Electoral Area in Domeabra-Obom Constituency (Commander Polling Station) has been moved to an ungazetted location far from where registration exercise was held. This is allegedly making Ga-South Municipal Assembly Exhibition Centres to record low participation.

According to EC officials, their Municipal Director, Mr. Ayere directed them to set up at their current location with reasons and changes being unknown to voters as well as political parties.

Below is the current location:

This action by the EC from day one has contributed to low patronage of the exercise since most voters were at the actual place from day 1 and appears the EC was absent. On Monday, 21st September 2020, this decision by the EC charged some voters to question EC officers present at the new location since to their best of knowledge it was a wrong move by the EC as well as preventing them from having their cards or details checked.

This allegation need to be investigated by our security services as soon as possible.

CNN.Ghana will update readers on other development of this story.

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