UCL: More Injury worries for Zidane as two first team players are confirmed out of season.


In their match against Chelsea last Tuesday, a number of Real Madrid first team players were injured and were unable to play. In the second leg, it may be the same old tale, as another player has been injured.

Dani Carvajal, a Spanish right-back, was injured in training today after suffering from chronic muscle problems. Since Carvajal and Lucas Vasquez have both been ruled out for the season, Zidane may be forced to start Odriozola against Chelsea.

Ferland Mendy, the team's first-choice left-back, was also absent from training today due to his injury. He has a slim chance of making it to the second leg as well. This season, he has been one of their most important players, and he was missing in the first leg.

Nacho is also injured and has been absent from school. He was knocked out in the first leg and is now recovering. Since team captain Sergio Ramos was injured, he has been Zidane's backup choice.

Federico Valverde is still suffering from Covid 19, and his chances of returning to the team are dependent on how quickly he recovers. To have a chance of playing against Chelsea, he must test negative on Saturday.

Then there's the good news: Sergio Ramos practiced with the rest of the squad today, and he seemed to be in good condition and on his way back to his best form.

Mateo Kovacic has returned to full training with Chelsea and may make his debut against Fulham on Sunday. In the second leg, he'll almost certainly play against his former club, but perhaps from the bench.

The competitive nature of the match is not supposed to be affected by the degree of injury problems both sides are experiencing at the moment. The first leg was a nail-biter, and the second leg is supposed to be no different.

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