What Raila Was to Secretly do With Mt Kenya Tycoons But Has Been Cancelled After Leaking to Media

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Emerging details now indicate that there is more to the cancellation of the luncheon that was to be held at the Safari Park Hotel next week and attended by ODM leader Raila Odinga than meets the eye.

This is as it emerges that the event, organised by Mt Kenya tycoons under the Mt Kenya Foundation tag, was meant to be used to endorse the former Premier as Mt Kenya's preffered next President.

Also set to attend were leaders from the region allied to President Uhuru Kenyatta, the region's kingpin, before it was cancelled on Monday evening, reportedly to give room for proper consultations.

But sources have revealed that the event was called off after the organizers, keen on ensuring that it remains a secret, learned that it has leaked to the media, which is now keenly following up on the event.

Sources also told The People Daily that some of the conveeners protested the decision to make Raila the chief guest and were thinking that Uhuru was going to attend and play that role for the day.

"Some of the conveners were not comfortable with Raila (Odinga) being the Chief Guest. They were also not sure if that was the right time to endorse him for the presidency. Some members wanted to have president Uhuru as the chief guest," one of the sources told the paper.

Some, the paper was further told, weren't aware it was a political event and thought it was about the issues affecting Central Kenya, resulting in the cancellation.

"The meeting was supposed to be about the region's 2022 agenda and priorities, not giving some political declarations," the paper was further told.

Thie comes at a time when Raila seems to be making great inroads into the previously hostile region, and has the backing of some powerful individuals, including Uhuru and some of the tycoons.

Some like media mogul SK Macharia have openly endorsed him ahead of the big contest that could see him go head on with Deputy President William Ruto.

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