"I was gang-raped that why I tried to killed 3 times" - Lady who took poison narrate

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People have been in tears after a woman said that she had tried to kill herself three times.

According to sources, the young woman, Belinda, said she ate poison three times after a horrible r@pe.

According to Belinda, she was kidnapped by four men she didn't know who forced their way into her.

Pregnancy did not go well for Belinda. She was depressed and it was taking a toll on her.

"I tried to eat poison three times, but I survived each time." To feed the child, I stopped breastfeeding and started giving her water. She "miraculously" stayed healthy and strong, the lady said.

As a way to get over the thing that happened, she moved to Nairobi in 2015. There, she worked in the hospitality industry for a short time before she started having problems with her mental health.

Depression took a toll on her as she went from one hospital to the next, where doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with her health.

Afterward, her family got her a counselor who helped her get back on her feet in 2017.

She would later graduate from a university in Nakuru. She is now trying to change her view of men.

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