DJ Cremé Over The Moon As He Marks His Birthday With His Wife And Kids

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On Wednesday December 15, 2021, renowned Disk Jockey George Njuguna alias DJ Cremé De La Cremé officially turned a year older.

Photo: DJ Cremé De La Cremé

And on marking his special day, he took to his insta stories to upload several birthday messages that he had received from presumably some of his friends and fans as shown below.

However despite all the sweet messages, DJ Cremé De La Cremé was actually wowed the most by his immediate family members i.e his wife Denise and their 2 children Zawadi and Jamari.

This is because they joined him physically in marking his birthday, and they spent time bonding together at an undisclosed fancy hotel as shown by the photos below.

Photos: DJ Cremé, his wife Denise and their children hanging out together

Denise even made sure to capture the sweet moment, by taking a photo of how DJ Cremé was having a conversation with his daughter Zawadi.

Appreciating their priceless presence, the father of two gushed by saying that family time was actually the best gift that he received.

DJ Cremé and Denise' Estranged Relationship

Even though the family looks very happy now, this wasn't the case about 5 months ago.

At the time, DJ Cremé De La Cremé even hinted that he had broken up with Denise after being together for over 14 years.

He took to his Instagram account and posted a message saying "Marriage is a scam. Don't let anyone lie to you".

He also conspicuously edited his Instagram account bio from previously having titles like Dad and Husband, to now being the CEO Esko Life Clothing.

Furthermore DJ Cremé also deleted all photos of Denise that he had earlier posted on his Instagram account.

Meanwhile the sassy mother of 2 who is also an entrepreneur deleted all photos of DJ Cremé that she had earlier uploaded on her Instagram account.

Since the July post however it seems like things are now getting better between the couple, as they have also been spotted on numerous occasions hanging out together.

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