See Pictures Of These 50 Passengers That Crammed Themselves Into Van Meant For 6


An astonishing 51 people in 2015 piled into the ever-popular holiday vehicle, earning it a place in the record books.

The cramped challenge saw mums and dads of all ages, shapes and sizes squeezed like sardines into the 1974 campervan.

Squashed between each other, with their faces pressed up to the windows and barely space to breathe, these passengers look far from comfortable.

The van, which is designed to take a maximum of six people, was not altered or modified for the attempt, and none of the seats were removed. Despite this, the 50 record breakers managed to squash themselves into the 168.5in-long van in front of a crowd of admiring – if somewhat baffled – onlookers at Busfest, a specialist VW Van Festival, in 2015.

As well as the Guinness World Record, the event helped raise money for Make-A-Wish Foundation, a charity that grants magical wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions such as cancer.

James Lewis, from BBC’s Flog It and Bargain Hunt, was on hand to witness the enter the record books.

He said: “I’ve been involved in quite a few world records in my time but this has been one of the most exciting yet, especially as it has never been done before and for such a worthy cause.”

One of those who took part, Calvin, added: 'I didn’t think we’d do it at first. People’s hands and arms were squashed in my face. When it came to the last person, everyone joined in to pull him in. What a great atmosphere.