'' We are fed up, we are not Xenophobic", says minister of Defence, Thandi Modise

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Minister of Defense, Thandi Modise, declares, "We are fed up, we are not Xenophobic"."

This is the second time that Thandi Modise, a member of the African National Congress National Executive Council and a minister in the Republic of South Africa, has taken on the problem of foreigners in the country, both officially and illegally.

However, while many ministers are unwilling to take on this topic, others have spoken out in favor of allowing foreigners to live in the country'

Foreign national criminal syndicates operating in South Africa are "out of control," says Minister of Defense Thandi Modise.

Can she expect a xenophobic card from the prejudiced SA media? Will the South African people's daily lives continue to be invalidated? As we wait for the answer.

If you've ever tried to enter Tanzania with a tiny skirt, Thandi Modise has a story to tell about how the African National Congress finally found her long garment.

Despite the fact that they may be labeled xenophobic, ministers should not be scared to address this issue, she said, because it is not xenophobic but rather a matter of safeguarding their own country.



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