"Stop Your Noise Or Be Replaced" Raila's Aide Alleges Leaving This Disturbing News To Teachers&KNUT


Raila's aide has emerged with sad news concerning this group. All civil workers have been fighting for an increase in salary due to the state of our economy. Teachers have been left in shock after the latest disheartening message from the Raila's aide. The leader has been at the forefront in supporting all Kenyans but today he has crossed the line when he spills the beans about the KNUT.

The team is not even a week old since their national election. The powerful SG Sossion was forced to resign after teachers who belong to KNUT suffered in the hands of Sossion for the last three years.

The new team has a hurdle to jump after Peter Kaluma's message. Kaluma claimed that the union is weak and it must respect TSC. According to him, he has alleged that the number of tantrums from them will add money to the teachers' pockets.

Kaluma reacted after TSC and KNUT meeting went sour. Citizen TV reported "Teacher unions fail to agree with TSC on proposed CBA for 2021-2026. KNUT and KUPPET say CBA without monetary benefit is meaningless"

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