Heavy Downpour Wrecks Havoc in Keroka Town as Businesses and Homes are Flooded [Video]

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The Metrology department advised a few days ago that there will be serious rains across various parts of the country in the coming days so Kenyans should be well prepared.

Picture courtesy. Image from Keroka Town.

Many parts of the country had not seen rain for a while and this news served as good news in a time when many did not have water to meet the basic amenities of everyday life.

This morning, we have received reports of flooding due to poor drainage that has been witnessed in Keroka Town.

Keroka Town is found at the heart of Kisii County and heavy downpour has been witnessed in these parts since yesterday.

The rains have caused more harm than good to the businessmen and women that operate around Keroka Town and other places.

The main road leading into and out of Keroka was completely flooded with vehicles having to make do with waiting for the rains to abate before they can proceed with their journey.

Here is an eye witness video of the flooding in Keroka Town in Kisii County.


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