[ANKARA vrs KENTE] Which of these fabrics do you admire – here are some beautiful styles.


Do you love Ankara or Kente? Patronizers always look outstanding even in a crowd undeniably. Beautifully made in Africa, Kente and Ankara fabrics are the best for all occasions with it diverse nature.

Although these two fabrics are not originally from Africa better still they are popular here than any other country.


Ankara fabric originated from Asia, specifically Indonesia. The Ankara fabric had the name as Batik. It came to Africa by some African slaves who were taken to the Indonesia some years back. These slaves returned with the Batik into West Africa.

That is why ot is obviously popular in Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal which are all in the West Africa.

After the slaves had brought the Batik(Ankara) to West Africa, as a gift to their loved ones, Europeans in Africa preferred the west African patterns more so than the original Indonesian Batik and so that commenced the processing of the Ankara in West Africa where market women had taken a liking to the materials and even made better patterns by themselves with the idea of the Ankara.

Ankara is also known as Chitenge or Kitenge and sometimes refers to us Dutch Wax.


Kente is a type of silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth strips and can be traced back to ancient West African Kingdom namely the Ashanti Kingdom.

It[Kente] is diverse in it colouring with colours like yellow, gold, green, blue and red. All the various colours however have their symbolic meanings.

The African Kente Wax Fabric is originated from Ghana, where it is worn as ordinary traditional wrapper by Ghanaians.


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