Political Analyst Now Believes The 2022 Presidency Is Done And Dusted, Predicts This Winner


Political Analyst Barrack Muluka has suggested that the 2022 Presidential seat is now William Ruto's to lose after Friday's BBI ruling by the court of appeal appears to have any implications on the handshake team with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga the greatest casualty in the verdict.

According to Muluka, the ruling by the court of appeal has appeared to vindicate William Ruto politically and has handed him the biggest political capital just a year before the country holds its general elections.

Muluka further argues that the BBI which is believed to have been the major cause of dispute between the President and his Deputy has Ruto as the biggest winner as the High court and the Court of Appeal appear to have sent a message to Kenyans vindicating the DP to have been right for the past three and half years.

"For the time being the image of the Deputy President is soaring, his image is high because he was always opposed to the BBI, BBI court ruling has given him political capital, that capital whether social political or economic has got to be managed. How he manages and uses that political capital is what will count in the long run," he says. 

The political analyst however feels that the handshake camp has been portrayed for being unreliable after giving Kenyans false hope and this swings the momentum into the path of William Ruto.

Annnjeri kenya_public@operanewshub.com

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