7 Simple Ways to Avoid Waking up With a Hangover

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How to Avoid Waking up With a Hangover

While there is no known cure for a hangover, we can treat the symptoms and make the previous night's revelry worth the price.

This guide is for those who don't want to spend the next couple of days alternating between the bed and the bathroom. People who'd rather cook up something simple and plow ahead with their everyday grind.

It's time to get organized. Check my list. Pick one of the following ideas, and watch that hangover melt away.

1. Eat a Nutritious Breakfast (Complex Carbs)

A breakfast rich in complex carbs (avoid refined sugars) is a proven way to improve both energy and mood, even when your stomach is throwing a tantrum.

Some good breakfast choices include:

Bananas: Replenish the potassium lost while drinking (especially if you threw up).

Eggs: Helps Replenish glutathione stores. Replenishes crucial amino acids such as cysteine which help clear acetaldehyde from your body.

Oatmeal: Helps with blood-sugar regulation by releasing sugar in a slow and steady fashion.

Don't forget the value of eating well before drinking. The presence of food in your stomach slows the absorption of alcohol and reduces the severity of hangover symptoms.

2. Red Ginseng

Red (Korean) ginseng is a staple in many peoples' kitchens, and if you have it, you're halfway back to your healthy, rosy self.

These findings make red ginseng both something you can take during a bender to prevent severe symptoms and as a curative after the fact.

Note: Some energy drinks will mention ginseng in their ingredients and may seem like a good idea on a hangover day, but the dosage is too low, and we're interested in Korean Ginseng only!

3. Ginger tea (With Lemon or Honey)

Made from Ginger root, this tea is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to control stomach-related problems such as nausea and vomiting.

On a personal note, I admit it can be difficult to get Ginger tea to taste right. One way to find your personal balance is to use honey and lemon to slide the sweetness scale in the direction you want it.

4. Coconut Water

Maintaining adequate hydration during a drinking session (and after one) is the best way to avoid waking up with a hangover.

If any of these symptoms are routine for you after a night of drinking, coconut water might be your ticket out of hell.Headache,Dry mouth,Sunken eyes etc

Studies have shown that coconut water is effectively an all-natural energy drink. It is rich in vitamins and other nutrients vital to the process of rapid rehydration. What's more, it's low in both sugar and calories (45 calories per cup, or 240g).

5. Watered-Down Coffee

Yes, it is. However, as a long-term caffeine addict, not getting my morning espresso means guaranteeing a headache.

Couple that with the promise of nervous energy to beat the general malaise and fatigue from a hangover, and I'll take my chances.

Coffee is not, strictly speaking, the best idea. However, I offer this as personal advice. I feel that what I get out of drinking my morning coffee outweighs what gets taken out of me. It may be a different story for you, particularly if you are not a coffee drinker.

Coffee is a diuretic that can worsen the symptoms of alcohol-induced dehydration. When in doubt, water is an evergreen alternative.

6. Dihydromyricetin (DHM)

DHM is a flavonoid found in several species of pines and Cedrus that has been taken for centuries as a hangover cure in many Asian counties (usually as a tea extract made from Ampelopsis Grossedentata and Hovenia Dulcis).

Studies have shown that DHM does three things particularly well when it comes to curing our hangovers.

It helps metabolize alcohol faster.

It protects the liver.

It counteracts acute alcohol intoxication.

What this means, in layman's terms, is that no matter how far along with the drink slide you are (from preventative to withdrawal), DHM is a proven way to help.

7. Antacids

While antacids are not a "hangover cure", they are an effective way to address the digestive woes that tend to follow a night out.

Alcohol consumption causes the body to produce a large amount of acid to digest it.

To remedy this discomfort, our over-the-counter weapon of choice is going to be an antacid, which works by neutralizing the acid, reducing the severity of our stomach upset.


Enjoying a wild night out doesn't always mean drowning in a sea of pain the morning after.

Chances are your kitchen has at least one of my hangover ideas, and even when it doesn't, copious amounts of sleep and water will eventually take care of the problem.

One thing I do want to emphasize in this article is the prevention angle.

Practicing mindfulness while drinking is often what is forgotten. Small things such as remembering to drink a glass of water between every unit of alcohol you down, and snacking every now and again can drastically improve your symptoms later on.

So no, we can't cure a hangover, or expect to wake up without one if we drank the bar dry, but we can make the tail-end of our night out worth the cost.

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