Sarah Kabu Flaunts A Video Twerking For Husband On Live Camera.

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Sarah Kabu is currently the wife to Simon Kabu and together they are the Founders and top Chief Executive Officers of top Leading Touring Company in Kenya which is popularly known as Bonfire Adventures. Sarah and Kabu have been married for the last ten years and the two have two children together called Austin and Anita Kabu.

Recently Sarah had caused Reactions Online after she claimed that she wanted to end her marriage since she was feeling unhappy and felt she is pretending to be in A marriage goal relationship but things in the ground are different. Sarah had accused Kabu of taking her children away for almost ten days together with Kabu's other child he had sired with his ex earlier. Sarah also talked about unending dramas with Kabu's baby mama and that's why she wanted peace.

However Kabu and Sarah made up and they resolved their marriage conflicts. Yesterday, Sarah and Kabu even went out where the two had some drinks. Sarah even had the audacity of twerking for Kabu on live camera and has since flaunted that video.

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