Paternity Fraud: Why The Nigerian Police Should Be Applauded For Taking The Kids From Nedu's Ex-Wife

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The Nigerian Police has seized the two children from Uzoamaka Ohiri, the ex-wife of comedian Chinedu Ani, a.k.a Nedu Wazobia, and handed them over to the comedian. While this may have generated lots of criticisms, it is paramount to understand that they did the right thing and should be applauded. Here is why;

The woman has been complaining about having difficulties in footing the bills all alone, and this is coming after Nedu accused her of cheating on him serially whilst they were married, and even sleeping with her sister's husband, revealing that their first child, does not belong to him, after they did a DNA test. So, if she does not have the capacity to raise the children, it is better they are handed over to the parent, that can raise them. Besides, there is a possibility that the reason, why Nedu does not want to send her funds for child support, is because he does not want her to use his money to raise another man's child.

Reports have it that, CSP Ighodalo reportedly asked Ohiri to bring two of her three children to the SCID, where they were taken from her and handed over to their father, Nedu. This is coming after Ohiri and Nedu have been engaged in a messy feud in the last one month.

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